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At Northcentral University, we enjoy a unique and powerful Mission: to educate professionals throughout the world, one- to-one, providing them unprecedented access and flexibility. To effectively pursue such a lofty goal, we require an equally powerful strategy – one that builds on the success of the past, while leveraging the challenges and opportunities of the future. Northcentral University's strategic plan, created by the NCU community and endorsed by our Board of Trustees, serves as our roadmap for the future. We are confident that through pursuing these strategies, bolstered by our Values, we will effectively distinguish our University as a premier institution in the field of online graduate education. NCU: On the Move is a reflection of Northcentral University today. Whether it's moving our headquarters, enhancing our technology, supporting our students, or helping to fund faculty research, NCU is moving ahead. Our four strategies: Personalization, Student Completion, Diversification, and Graduate Culture, hold the promise of a bright future for our institution and its many constituents. We are excited to pursue these strategies with you, and look forward to great accomplishments in the years ahead. John LaNear Provost David Harpool President 1 leadership a letter from

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